Sunday, September 21, 2008

BookIntro1: Translation of the QURAN

Translations from one language to another are by nature a challenging task. Nevertheless, such tasks need to be undertaken if knowledge is to be shared.

One such task was undertaken by a Penangite, the Mufti of Penang, Mr Ghulam Sarwar. He concluded the translation of the Quran while he was in London and published it in 1928. This month, Yayasan Restu launched the reprint of this translation for the first time in Malaysia. It comes in a handy, beautifully designed book form.

Thus far I have gone through about more than 30 translations – both English and Malay – and I will easily vote for this translation as the best. The English is simple, without losing the true meaning, and the sentences are well phrased. For anyone interested in understanding the Quran, I would recommend this piece of translation.

It is available at Selangor Islamic Arts Garden Complex, No. 2A, Persiaran Damai, Seksyen 16, Shah Alam (telephone no: 03-55119001/2/3). This complex, as I understand it welcomes both Muslims and Non-Muslims as it is also a research center.

With so much talk about “the process of Islamisation” going on, reading this translation is the first step to evaluate the process.


atehac said...

Salam Jahamy

Tertarik dengan book intro ni.Adakah terjemahan ini masih yg terbaik bagi saudara sekarang? Sekadar nak tanya pendapat. Ada ternampak di MPH. Tapi masih tercari-cari yg mana mudah difahami. Terima kasih

pathfinder said...


pernahkan Tuan merujuk terjemahan BM dinamakan "bacaan" ?
bagaimanakan tuan mendapati terjemahan tersebut?
-sekadar ingin bertanya, sy sndri masih mencari beberapa terjemahan yg sesuai sebagai rujukan-

jay said...


Pernah baca pada terjemahaan "bacaan", tetapi tidak beberapa minat dengan penggunaaan bahasanya serta terjemahannya dibeberapa tempat. Banyak terjemahaan yang tidak beberapa "memuaskan" bagi saya walalupun saya sanjung usaha yang dilakukan.

Saya dapati sebaik-baiknya ialah cuba mentejemahkan sendiri dengan pengunaan bahasa Arab.


Ipoh said...

Dear Sir
May I recommend Quran translation by Rashad Khalifa.

Anybody can refer/download it free at

Appendix 1 of the Authorized English translation of the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa