Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meeting the Jehovah Witnesses in UK

When I was studying in England for my law, three people came knocking on my hostel door one evening. I opened the door and there were 2 guys and a girl, probably in their early twenties.

“Hi”, said one of them, while the rest smiled warmly at me. I smiled back and put on a ‘what can I do for you face’. The girl now introduced, “I am Beth, and this is Peter and Jacob. We are Jehovah Witnesses and we want to share the good news with you. Do you have a minute?”.

“Sure”, I replied and invited them in. I made a pot of coffee because I anticipated a long stay and served them “richie” biscuits. They explained to me about God and the Bible. I listened intently for almost an hour to them without any questions. My response in that hour was few and was confide to “can you explain that to me again please”.

One of the guys was so pleased with me and said”, “You are blessed with a seeking spirit”. “Thank you”, I responded.

Finally, the girl smiled and asked, “Would you like to join us at the Church this Sunday?”

I must admit I liked her Spanish blue eyes and her smile.

“Sure. Would love to. But I have a problem that you may help me with?”.

“What’s the problem?”, asked Jacob, who was doing most of the preaching earlier.

I got up and got my translation of the Quran by Yusuf Ali and gave it to Jacob.

“This is the problem. This book says it is the holy word of God and it seems to make sense. Can you help me sort that out in my head? Have you read it?”

Three of them looked at each other and then to me and shook their head. Jacob looked at me rather suspiciously and said, : “Er, you didn’t tell us you are a Muslim?”

I quickly assured him, “I am a believer. Don’t let the fact that I take the Quran to be the word of God put you away. I really want you to help me sort this out in my head. You can have my copy. Read it and lets explore it too. I want to explore the Bible too”.

There was silence. Beth took my copy. We then chatted for a brief while about where I was from and then they left.

On Sunday, I went to the Church (one of my Muslim friend were upset). The three of them were surprised to see me and Beth welcomed me. After the service, I was introduced to some of their friends. I invited them over to my hostel on Monday for mutton curry. They accepted. I gave them each a copy of the Quran translation which I had bought and asked Beth to bring back my copy when she comes for lunch.

Following Monday, they came for lunch. They liked my cooking and I must admit I was elated that they liked my cooking!

During desert, the discussion turned to religion. Now I started.

“I have been reading the Bible that you gave me. There are quite a few things I can’t seem to understand. I gave them a set of notes and biblical passages that I have made. Have any you read the Quran yet?’

Beth said she has. The other two, smiled, looked at each other and Jacob said “Well, honestly Jay, we did not. We do not feel the need to. We have found the spirit of Christ”.

“Oh ok. But Jacob, You inspired me when you said that the Lord loves the peacemakers and the truth seekers. Let me just show you one of the verse in the Quran that bothers me”. I showed them chapter 41 verse 52 which read:

“Say: ‘What if the Quran is from God and you decide to reject it? Who is in greater error than the one who is in a prolonged opposition?’

While they were looking at the verse, I said, “Well, Jacob, we surely cannot reject or accept something without knowing what it is, right?”

Jacob read it rather quickly. Beth read it slowly and said, “Very interesting”. Jacob then suddenly said something about them being late for something else. They all got up to leave.

“Thanks for coming. Thanks for caring;” I said then continued, “I would really be happy to meet again to discuss both the Bible and the Quran.”

Two weeks nobody came. In the third week, Beth knocked on my door. We discussed the Bible and the Quran almost every other day for almost 6 months. I tried to meet up with Peter and Jacob. Beth told me they do not want to see me. They even advised her to stay away from me. I found that amusing as I had only wanted to discuss. Subsequently, she decided to become a Muslim. I remember her asking me if that is a good idea and I remember my reply.

I replied, “Daarrling, that is entirely your choice” with the naughtiest smile I could muster. To me, I had nothing to do with her conversion. She wanted to discuss and I was happy to share and learn.

We kept in touch for some years after I came to Malaysia. She married an Englishman who also converted to Islam.

Peace !

Note: I have also had visits from Jehovah Witnesses in Malaysia. But sadly, they only come once despite my invitation! My loss!


Anonymous said...

This story sounds completely fabricated. Jehovah's Witnesses don't go to homes in 3's unless it is a high crime area. I'm not sure about your erea. A church is not a building but the people in it, so they wouldn't invite you to their "church". They attend a "Kingdom Hall". "Spanish blue eyes"??? What? (Must be a scandanavian spaniard). "Beth" would not go to a man's apartment alone. That is never done! (especially if you live in a high-crime area).I'm afraid your story is not very convincing. It simply lacks the ring of truth.

Jahamy said...


You sound like a doubting Thomas. You could be right about the kingdom hall...I used the generic term "church". ANd you right about the "church" being the people and not the building.
Elizabeth or Beth is half Spanish and half something with beautiful blue eyes. I think Leeds University is not a high crime area and it is common for students to go to each others' apartment.

I also have no reason to doubt the 3 were Jehovah Witnesses because they said so and they gave me a copy of the New World Translation of the bible which I have until today. And a few other materials, including Q&As.

My 'story' is not meant to convince anyone but to relate an experience many years ago.

Bless you Shawn and thanks for dropping by.

Ramesh said...

I am in support of Shawn's comment. Thank you Shawn for sensible set of comments made in rebuke to Jahamy. I am a Malaysian here and a former Jehovah's Witness (JW). No doubt that i am no longer a JW, i am not in the position to support Islam as a religion in whichever part of the globe it can be.

Thank you Jahamy (whoever you are) for the amazing set of laughable fairy tales you told us on the pretext of spending Malaysian non-Muslim taxpayers contribution of government's money by getting educated in Britain.

First of all, JWs do not accept Quran or any other kind of religious book on a field-service activity especially in England and other predominantly Christendom countries knowing they regard themselves to be ministers of their very own Almighty God - Jehovah and not the Christ ! Let it be alone to please a foreigner in England, especially a Malay.

In your quote of Beth "We have found the spirit of Christ" would never be correct for a JW to say that in the field knowing that the 'spirit' is a different active force altogether that does not belong to Christ and the Christ has no mandate to giving holy-spirit to his followers on earth - the JWs. It would be incorrect that Beth would have used such expression on her return visits to you.

Jahamy said of the other two JWs being put off by Beth's intention to discuss the Bible vs the Quran. This cannot be true that Beth would likely take up a discussion session with Malay Muslim to see the differences. There are lots of British-Pakistani muslims out there in England would have possibly be more competent enough in convincing Beth of becoming a Muslim earlier, but definitely not from a Malay ! This is to add the fact that Malays themselves are not knowing the actual know-hows of persuasion techniques to convert a JW to be a muslim. What a fantastic joke ! You people cant even succeed in converting the Hindus, Sikhs, Taoist, Buddhist and your very own non-muslim bumiputras in Malaysia to Islam for the fact to achieve a national ethnic of 'bangsa (race) Malaysia here.

The real fact are that British citizens like that of Beth would have been remain contended with their very own Christian alike faith of being JW and would not succumb to becoming a Muslim easily despite any kind of sensational discontentment within their own circle of JW believers.

Last but not least, JWs in Malaysia are not allowed to preach to any Muslims by law therefore they would decline any form of invitation on discussion initiatives of such matters with you. Chances of them not knowing you are a Muslim at the very first sight are completely absurd. I can tell by sighting on someone from a mile here in Malaysia if he/she is a Muslim by not even engaging in a worthwhile conversation.

If you have further queries on this matter, Pertubuhan Bible & Risalah Watchtower Malaysia can be contacted with the following contact points on its appropriate verification below:

Bro Lance Shatte: +6016 2666760
Bro Radhakrishnan: +6013 5212714

I am bold enough to tell you that your fairy tales are solid rubbish and it should be flushed down into your very own toilet at home. Its not worth a single cent to be pasted in this blogspot.

Jahamy said...

Dear Ramesh,

There are quite a number of things that I could respond to your comments but I shall generally refrain from doing so.

I really do apologise if my rendition of my experience has offended you as that was not the purpose. It is also not my purpose to proselytize Islam to anyone nor to put JW in any bad light.

May Yahweh or Jehowah give you the peace you desire and bless you with a heart full of love.

Thanks and Peace.

husein said...

Saya tidak pernah berjumpa dengan Johovah witness sepanjang hidup saya, mungkin sebab saya tinggal di kampung. Teringin hendak berjumpa dengan preacher diorang ni, kawan saya kata di sabah mereka sangat aktif.

Apapun sdr Jahamy, memang benar untuk lebih saling memahami agama kita perlukan perbincangan. Saya ada juga kawan yang non muslim yang selalu confront berknaan Islam kepada saya sehingga setelah beberapa tahun baru mereka terbuka hati untuk memeluk Islam.

Anonymous said...

Saksi2 Yehuwa takkan berkhotbah kpd org Islam sebab undang2 msia mengelakkan Kristian utk berkhotbah ttg agama Kristian kpd org Islam, tak tau lah Syariah Law ke apa?