Friday, February 20, 2009


Year 2002

For the last several weeks there has been rioting and killing in India. Hundreds have been killed. Today, March 15, 2002, is the day that many fear could engulf the entire sub-continent in a civil war in which millions could die. Ever since the Hindu Nationalist Party, the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), won elections in 1992 and drove the traditional Congress Party from power, tensions have been rising. In 1992, Hindu rioters stormed the oldest Muslim mosque in India, tore it down and reduced it to rubble. This led to riots throughout the country that left 2,000 people dead. Sam Sloan wrote this years ago. Read it here

Has humanity grown since or is religion still obstructing it?

August 25, 2008

Hindu-Christian Violence Flares in India?

The remote, destitute state of Orissa, marred for years by Hindu-versus-Christian violence, erupted in a retaliatory killing on Monday after the murder of a Hindu leader led a mob to burn small Christian churches, prayer halls and an orphanage that had housed 21 children? Read here

Has humanity grown since or is religion still obstructing it?


A Coptic Christian so enraged by the conversion of his sister to Islam and subsequent marriage to a Muslim man has murdered his brother-in-law? The attack which targeted the whole family to place in the Cairo apartment of Miriam Atef Khella. Police are now searching for the brother and uncle. Read it here.

12th January 2009

Dancing girl 'murdered by Taliban after refusing to give up traditional performances despite death threats'? Read it here.

Has humanity grown since or is religion still obstructing it?


Tasleem Solangi (in the photo), a 17-year-old girl, was accused without any proof of "immorality": the young woman was accused of having an "extramarital" relationship, for which reason she was punished by relatives. From the initial reconstruction, it emerges instead that a land dispute was at the origin of the brutal killing. The girl was murdered solely in order to convince her father to sell. Read it here

Inspired by “Buddhism” too?

Read here“Muslims in Burma are not considered to be citizens. They have no rights and often suffer discrimination and indiscriminate killings. Many of them, in particular after 1962, had to flee the country and still today live in refugee camps in Bangladesh, which actually do not welcome them. Although Muslims have taken active part in the 1988 revolt, and paid the consequences more than the Buddhist population, the majority of monks and Buddhists in Burma have anti-Muslim sentiments, in particular based on the fear of possible intermarriages”.

Has humanity grown since or is religion still obstructing it?

Friday, May 18, 2007

First death in Dera, Sikh violence?

Activists of the Dal Khalsa and Damdami Taksal attacked Dera branches at Maur and Mastgarh near Bathinda. Read it here

Has humanity grown since or is religion still obstructing it?


Is One God not enough?

What about compassion, kindness, mercy, acceptance, celebration as human beings and humanity?

We need to look deeply within our souls to discover if we really do believe in the Creator and “His overwhelming Mercy.


[NOTE: This article is not meant to insult any religion but merely to share news which shows that people act violently in the name of religion. Those who know me know that I prescribe to the Quranic view: “To you your way and to me, mine”.]

ALERT: Readers, please alert me if there are any factual errors in the news posted. Thank you.


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Wow! Haven't dropped by in a few weeks and you have written up a storm.

I guess you have been busy with your calling and me with mine.

Anyway, just to let you know I haven't forgotten you and will devote the better part of next week reading and hopefully understand your postings.

Hopefully I won't be distracted with more sewer type politics.

Take care bro!

Jahamy said...


Good to hear from you again!

Take care too bro !

Jahamy said...


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Gunumaro said...

It seems that God is able to pour upon mankind retribution from above them and from beneath their feet - (oftenly misconstrued as natural disasters).

In the same verse, He also said He is capable of dividing mankind into different religions - and this is done in order to let them suffer the tyrany of one another.

If you believe killing in the name of religion is sanctioned by God as a sign of retribution from Him - then, let it be a reminder for the rest of us.