Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free To Believe


I used to think about my life, wonder what I was doing here
Was I just born to someday die, oh this was my big fear
This can't be it, there must be more, must be more than what I see
And then it dawned upon my heart, that I'm always free to believe

Free to believe, Believe to be free

I used to live just for myself, always doing as I please
I never cared about my health, oh how drugs controlled me
I always knew there's more to life, than the way I was living
I never dreamed I see the light, or that I'd be free to

Believe in a Savior, believe in myself

I used to stay awake all night, loved to be in the darkness
To me this world just wasn't right, there was something missing
And then one day, I can't explain, something happened within me
The darkness left, there came a light, and then I was free to believe

I used to run from all the truth, escape from all reality
I never knew just who I was, never knew the real me
But that was then, I live for now, and I'm not the same man
For I have changed, you ask me how, because I am free to,


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